RUNE NAITO×EAGLE TOKYO condiment Octopus and BOY T Lime

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RUNE NAITO×EAGLE TOKYO condiment Collaboration T-Shirts



We launch the first Rune’s Gay-art T-shirts!

In this year marks the 90th anniversary of Japanese multi creator Rune Naito's birth. 
He is known as the"Roots of Kawaii”.
On the other hands he came out.

While creating numerous”Kawaii"characters, he also worked as the creator of the cover art for the gay magazine “BARAZOKU” (one of the most historical Japanese gay magazine) 
from 1984-1998. 

In this first collaboration, we roll out 2designs with really famous his drawings. 

We hope that this product will bring the appeal of his healthy sexiness and artistic male illustrations/gay art closer to everyone, and understand another depth, layer of his artwork.



<Feature of this item>
・RUNE NAITO×EAGLE TOKYO condiment collaboration 
・Octopus and BOY T LIME
・See-through feeling : really just a little bit compare with colour black
・sooo cute!(shirt that can be worn all year long!)


This T-shirts sizing is Japanese male T-shirt scale.
Sizes run smaller than US size T-shirts, if you live in overseas.
We recommend if you would like to wear it form fitting, one size bigger is better! Also if wear it over sized big-silhouette, we recommend ordering 2-3 sizes larger!



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