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フリーマガジン「日本男児」第4弾でフィーチャーしたのは、マンガ家「熊田プウ助」氏。自虐ゲイネタなどで人気を博し、サムソン、G-men、薔薇族、バディなどのゲイ雑誌だけでなく、芳文社、竹書房、ぶんか社などのファミリー誌にも連載経験を持つ人気漫画家だ。「世界でヤろう! ! おひとりホモ☆」「TOKYO中年駄ホモ生活」「GoGo!! おひとりホモ☆」など、刊行物も多数ある。



The 4th edition of the free magazine "NIPPONDANJI" features the manga artist Poohsuke Kumada. His manga is popular with masochistic gay stories, He is a popular manga artist with serial experience not only with gay magazines such as Samson, G - men, Barazoku, Badi, but also with family-oriented publications such as Hobunsha, Takeshobo, Bunkasha etc.

Mr. Kumata, who was observing gag manga from an early age said that he had been inspired by Mr. Yoshiko Tsuchida, a manga artist who was keen to introduce gags into girls' manga. Each piece of Mr. Kumata is a depiction of gay private life with lots of humor and brutal frankness.

Mr. Kumata is also a BEARLESQUE dancer (a bear-boy dancing naked show, the burlesque bear version), and is also seeking to spread BEARLESQUE to the United States/internationally. Mr. Kumata's publications can be purchased at convenience stores and bookstores, and any new publication information can be found on Twitter.


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2018年11月、オープンから2周年を迎えるEAGLE Tokyo。タイ料理屋跡地の古い物件を、ブルックリンスタイルの内装へ劇的に変化させ、今では東京へ来る観光客は必ず訪れるとも言われる大人気バーへ成長した。週末になると人々が路上へ溢れかえり、店内では対面カウンターを通じてバーテンダーとお客様、またお客様同士が交流を深めている。

2018年7月には兄弟店のEAGLE TOKYO BLUEがオープンし、拡大を続けるEAGLE TOKYOグループ。2020年の東京オリンピックへ向けて、ますます人気が加速しそうだ。

EAGLE Tokyo will be celebrating its 2nd anniversary in November 2018. It dramatically changed the old property of a former Thai restaurant into what is now EAGLE Tokyo, with an interior reminiscent a Brooklyn style bar. EAGLE Tokyo grew to become one of the most popular bars in the area, becoming increasingly intriguing to tourists visiting Tokyo. On the weekend, people are overflowing onto the street right outside. It's a place where all are capable of having great exchanges with each other through face-to-face encounters.

The brother bar, EAGLE TOKYO BLUE opened in July 2018, and the EAGLE TOKYO group continues to expand. It is likely to become more and more well known as the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020 approach.

NIPPONDANJI MAGazine vol.4 2018

Published by EAGLE TOKYO
Translated by Chris Kelly


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