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NIPPONDANJI magazine Vol.7 features Mr. Gengoroh Tagame, who leads the Japanese gay comics scene. The depiction of rough gay scenes (including practices like S&M) is highly regarded as an art form, not only in Japan but also overseas. Nowadays, the style has integrated itself into mainstream works of gay manga such as "My Brother's Husband" and "Bokurano Shikisai".


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2019年10月4日~6日に開催されたTOKYO BEAR WEEK 2019。第2回目の開催となる今回は、9つのパーティと8つのゲイバー、さらにはハッテン場やマッサージ店など、多様な業態が参加し、3年ぶりの開催となるお祭りを盛り上げた。
TOKYO BEAR WEEK中核パーティの「BEAR-TRAIN」では、地方や海外からの多くの観光客が訪れ大盛況となった。また最終日のEAGLE TOKYO BLUEでは、ちょうど時期の重なった国際ゲイラグビー協会の公式アフターパーティも開催され、多くの観光客で賑わい、TOKYO BEAR WEEK2019は幕を閉じた。
来年以降のTOKYO BEAR WEEK開催は現在未定であるが、さらなる規模となって世界中のベアが訪れることだろう。
尚、TOKYO BEAR WEEKと日本男児のコラボTシャツは、EAGLE TOKYO BLUEもしくは日本男児オンラインショップで販売中です。

TOKYO BEAR WEEK 2019 was held for the second time in three years this past October from the 4th to 6th.
In addition to the participation of a variety of businesses (including 9 special parties and 8 other surrounding gay bars) many tourists from nearby regions and abroad visited, making TOKYO BEAR WEEK and its main event, “BEAR-TRAIN” a huge success. On the final day at EAGLE TOKYO BLUE, the official after-party of the International Gay Rugby Association was held, drawing in many tourists from near and far to close out the weekend, bringing TOKYO BEAR WEEK 2019 to an end.
Next year`s TOKYO BEAR WEEK dates for next year are currently TBD, however we can guarantee that there will be more parties and more bears from all around the world.

TOKYO BEAR WEEK and NIPPONDANJI’s' collaborative T-shirts are available at EAGLE TOKYO BLUE or on the NIPPONDANJI online shop.

NIPPONDANJI MAGazine vol.7 2019

Published by EAGLE TOKYO
Translated by Chris Kelly


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