シャイで温和な話口同様、柔らかな線と淡いカラーの独自の作風で、多くのファンを魅了する犬義氏。エロ作品は苦手と話すが、フリーマガジン「日本男児」や短編ドラマ「東京Neighbors」などゲイの日常を描く温もりのあるイラストは、エロ漫画を超えた魅力がある。ゲイ漫画家へ導いた田亀源五郎氏を尊敬し、苦手なエロ漫画にも精力的に取り組むと話す同氏の作品はBIG GYM DATA MARKETで。

The third edition of the free magazine "NIPPONDANJI" features the manga artist Inuyoshi. He grew up with the manga magazine “Shonen Jump” and Adachi Mitsuru who wrote the manga, "Touch" won the "Tagame Gengoro Award" in the gay magazine G - men, making his debut as a manga artist. After that, he has been steadily accumulating achievements such as serialization with G - men, Badi and illustration production.

Using shy and gentle talk, Inuyoshi uses his own style of soft lines and pale colors which has attracted many fans. He says that he is not particularly good at erotic works, but warm illustrations depicting gay everyday life such as what is seen in the free magazine "NIPPONDANJI" and short drama "Tokyo Neighbors" have charm beyond erotic comics. He admires Mr. Tagame Gengiro who inspired him to be a gay manga artist and talks about energetically working on erotic manga which he is insists that he does not do well. His work can be purchased at the BIG GYM DATA MARKET.