The second edition of the free magazine "NIPPONDANJI" features the manga artist Kazuhide Ichikawa. Ichikawa started working on gay manga in the 90s, and has created series in gay magazines "Badi" and "G-men" etc. as well as community/fan-based manga. His unique style ranges from a more cute manga style to a more refined artistic and modern style. When it comes to the characters he draws, it ranges from slim, skinny guys to more muscled middle aged men. This NIPPONDANJI project involves two very spirited samurai in the Edo Era. Although being a short story, it depicts the richness of Ichikawa's world view. He is extremely enthusiastic and excited for a wide range of foreigners around the world to enjoy this work.

A manga artist he says to respect is Gengoroh Tagame, who is impressive for the sexy facial expressions he draws in his manga and subtle erotic lines. You can see the sexual desire through the lines Tagame. Ichikawa adds that Tagame is one of a kind and an amazing manga artist and established the manga style we see today. Similar to Tagame’s “My Brother's Husband", for future projects, he especially wants to draw gay stories with no sex scenes. Ichikawa also said that he wants to try his hand at writing gay science fiction and historical manga. We are very excited to see his new works in the future.

Find more information about Ichikawa here: or Twitter @ichikawado. You can check his work at the online shop BOOTH: