Mr. Taku Hiraku is a popular manga artist with his way of drawing classic boys’ manga and stories depicting active daily gay life. Taku’s manga tends to consist of good, friendly couples, taking inspiration from a manga artist he respects, "Noriko Irie". Recently, he also appeared with his friendly partner in a meeting and was pleased to add his work to “NIPPONDANJI”.

Taku's work began being published in "Badi" in 2003 and he started his own “Doujin” publication since 2005. Having been in this career for awhile he said with unwavering ambition, "I want to increase my drawing speed and produce more work."

Mr. Taku said that he does not usually participate in many gay activities and often spends time relaxing with his partner. Get a chance to see him in person at a “Doujinshi” sale such as Yarou festival (to be held in May 2019).You can buy his magazine at Circle site and Alice books and his digital magazine at Digiket and Booth.