The 4th edition of the free magazine "NIPPONDANJI" features the manga artist Poohsuke Kumada. His manga is popular with masochistic gay stories, He is a popular manga artist with serial experience not only with gay magazines such as Samson, G - men, Barazoku, Badi, but also with family-oriented publications such as Hobunsha, Takeshobo, Bunkasha etc.

Mr. Kumata, who was observing gag manga from an early age said that he had been inspired by Mr. Yoshiko Tsuchida, a manga artist who was keen to introduce gags into girls' manga. Each piece of Mr. Kumata is a depiction of gay private life with lots of humor and brutal frankness.

Mr. Kumata is also a BEARLESQUE dancer (a bear-boy dancing naked show, the burlesque bear version), and is also seeking to spread BEARLESQUE to the United States/internationally. Mr. Kumata's publications can be purchased at convenience stores and bookstores, and any new publication information can be found on Twitter.