The 6h edition of the free magazine "NIPPONDANJI" features the manga artist Go Fujimoto. We asked him to write a manga with the same rugby theme as the 5th magazine. He is popular as a bear manga artist even though he doesn’t have as many published works as other artists we have featured on NIPPONDANJI magazine. He has plenty of experience with writing about gay characters for event posters as well and a lot of people are enthusiastic for his art.

Mr. Fujimoto wrote another manga for NIPPONDANJI before, different from his typical gay rugby manga. He said “I’m not good at creating a story because when I do it tends to become a mess; I try to make it simple.” His prospect as a gay cartoonist is maintaining the status quo, he added. He is also keen to continue participating in the coterie event “Yarou Fes” (NIPPONDANJI also participated), which he exhibited for the first time this year.

Mr. Fujimoto’s manga “Okinawa Slave Island” or “Trial of Himajin Jugoro” which he sold at “Yarou Fes.” can be bought at BIGGYM. You can see his prized manga “Kikyo” for free at pixiv. You can also check for Line Stickers and a Line Theme. New information can be found on Twitter.